Saturday, June 2, 2012


You are my reflection
On the other side of the wall
A walking perfection
Never letting me fall

In this world of deception
Million shadows on the wall
It is my perception
You are better than all

You are my life's fascination
I wish the time could stall
And you would look my direction
Like you could hear me call

It is a divine connection
Separating us from all
Life wouldn't be an imperfection
Had there been no wall

Taking with me our recollection
These memories I would recall
I sadly leave the comfort of your affection
But you will always be my shadow on the wall

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Extra Mile

To spend some stolen moments with you,
I wish I could walk that extra mile
But I'm bound by promises too good to be true
So forgive me if I'm here just for a while

Serendipity was at play the moment we met
With your playful talks you made me smile
There is no moment with you that I'd ever regret
So let me be with you, love just for a while

You form my daydreams, its magic that I feel
You voice, it envelops me in a loving embrace
Every moment with you keeps flashing like a reel
Every night all I wish to see, is your loving face

I wish I could walk that extra mile
As being with you is at stake
And when I reach you, I'd long for a smile
We'd embark on journey we wish to partake