Monday, November 15, 2010


 Some million miles away on lonely pathways
Through clear blue skies and thunders grey
Lies a place enchanted touched by golden rays
There under the open skies in the grass I lay

Watching the clouds uncurl into mystic shapes
Into the wind I blow a solitary grass blade
Admiring the sky turning into varied shades
I reminisce about the life to which farewell I bade

Ever so pure untouched landscape
At the beauty of which I forever gape
I fall from the edge of this lonesome cape
Its all in my mind, this beautiful escape

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Final Goodbye

When was our love born, it seems like just yesterday
But its been ages since our love saw the light of the day
In these dark hours I never thought this trust would sway
It's an everlasting night and my love you are so far away

Under the starry night sky, recollecting memories I lay
wondering where our love went, was it not meant to stay
Were the millions of miles the reasons for it to fade away
Or the time we never spent together turned it out this way

You were my sunlight but this has been a cloudy day
Even the sun stopped shining as we both looked away
Nights are cold and dark, we have to escape them someday
Should I be waiting or I find another sun to warm my day

I would leave now, but I would still miss you on a rainy day
I hope you find someone who would push the clouds away
I died the day you left me but I'd be born again some day
But I won't return so this is the final goodbye that I must say

Saturday, February 20, 2010


साँझ हुई जब मद्धम सी
कोमल होंठों
पर पिघल गई,
स्वर्ण किरणे उन चंद लम्हों की

निशा आई जब धीमे पाँव
चंचल नैनो में कैद हुई,
रेशम सी किरणे निद्रा की

भोर हुई जब उजली सी
हंसी में लिपटी मिश्री घुली
कोयल की कूकती बोली सी

तुझे देख अपने
हृदय पिघला, रोम रोम खिला 
बन गई
तुम रोशिनी मेरे स्वप्नों की

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Many of them won't ever appreciate
My beautiful world that you create
You would say its all too late
I would just say, leave it to fate

I found you when I had no one
When I had thought I'd never be undone
You shine on me like the bright sun
Made me forget from another I got the burn

With you I have spent moments too few
But you make it all look so fresh and new
For a longer time I wish, you I knew
I want us to be something real and true

You claim to be thorns on a rainy day
I hope you bloom soon, its all I pray
We are just humans made up of clay
together we would mould in our own way

No more anger, fear or hate
Feelings tender we would reciprocate
Again I would say its never too late
In my shadow I see you my soul-mate

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End

Stars in the sky are twinkling blue
I wish I knew or had a clue
Why with so many around am I still so alone
Where from came this feeling so forlorn

Happiness is seeping through every pore
I no longer feel it in my core
Is it because you never loved me much
Or is it because I still miss your touch

Those buried memories in the silent grave
Away from which this path I pave
No matter which way a step I take
There are thorns lying in my wait

Will they ever turn to flowers
Or you took with you the nature's powers
Did we ever even start, to be over
Where do you hide, why do you cower

Don't worry wont ask you again to be my lover
I am just looking for answers I could never discover
Tell me oh please, where it started where did it end
So I could put this story to a final The End

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Someone Special

Winter is gone
Spring is near
Sun-filled dawn
Nothing to fear

Through the rose tinted gaze
Everything looks so pure
I lack the words of praise
But its heavenly for sure

I wake up again with smiling lips
No loneliness, a feeling of belonging
Happiness spreading till my fingertips
  I am no more left wanting

Deep in my heart is a desire
To reach out to you, my special someone
lighting my life with passion's fire
With you till eternity it would burn

Escape to the place where,
You and I would always be one
I ask again, if I was unclear
Would you like to be my Special Someone
My dear....

Monday, February 1, 2010


There is a storm brewing
Oh, where is the joy
Thought you'd be understanding
But all you do is ask why

There is longing and fears
Confused emotions and pride
So many unshed tears
Wish I had a place to hide

Times have turned
I am just a shoulder to sigh
Wounds deep in my heart are burned
When all you say is a lie

My heart was in your hands
you let it fall and shatter
Washed away like footprints in sand
Memories of us, do I even matter?

You'll always have me by your side
when you want to share or are low
I'll hold this place with pride
Until you would want to let go

I drink my own tears
Keeping it all locked up inside me
I am overwhelmed with fears
Because I know you won't ever want me

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Beloved

Lying in surrender
my life has gone under
like bolts of thunder
my emotions you plunder
feelings unrequited lying asunder
am I unworthy, I just wonder

Nights I spend lying awake
wondering where I'd made mistake
why ruthless behaviour to me you partake
its gnawing at me, this chronic heart ache
how with every uncaring word I break
 you never do realize what for me is at stake

look at me once the way I do you
what you mean to me you haven't a clue
time we spend are moments too few
one day you'd wake wondering how the time flew
don't worry you would find me still loving you
our relation is one I would always hold true