Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Picking my thoughts lying asunder
I see how the mighty ocean flows
Shimmering silver with claps of thunder
Proudly embracing the mighty blows

Watching coals burning amber
A flicker of hope in me grows
As the vines on withered stone clamber
In me understanding flows

As waking up from a deep slumber
I hold my unfulfilled dreams close
Towards the unknown unseen I lumber
Treading the unbeaten path I chose

In the hope of finding solace
By fulfilling not so placid vows
Will walk with pride at a steady pace
Till with victory my head humbly bows

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unfulfilled Dream

Closing my eyes I see the horizon
Life is moving on, feelings are undone
Sounds of thunder bring me to wake
Few tears slip down, another mistake

Were woven with care, these shattered dreams
I’m trying so hard to drown my screams
Choking under the binding ties of despair
Oh, why does life have to be so unfair?

Sunshine gone, its cloudy days
Want you back, my heart prays
Forgive me my weakness, its anger
I really wanted us to last longer

It was heaven love, being with you
No matter how hard I try, can’t get over you
Last of us I remember, being in your arms
I was so swept away by your charms

Letting go of you was hardest thing ever
It was that last time, it would be forever
Path you chose had only room for you
Am walking alone holding to my heart a dream… It’s you

Unrequited Promises

Caught up in this musty haze
Wish I could replay those days
Change the times I was wrong
And sing again a happy song

Turns out I was blindfolded
And in your ways I molded
Never seeing your blatant lies
Which I would have so despised

Incoherent those words now seem
The themes of my every dream
Pricking my soul form the start
They stab again my broken heart

Your place has now been taken
Your presence is now forsaken
I leave behind these empty walls
And those promises you made so false

I put this chapter to an end
My life has reached a new bend
Now it’s time to start anew
Color my life with rainbow hue


When the silence seeps in
and numbness is the only thing i feel within

I think of all the times when i had tried to speak,
of the times when you had burdened me with promises to keep

and now that the time is gone
and you cant rewind or run

and as we face each other
you realized what you have lost forever

no matter how hard you try
the tears in my eyes have run dry

all your efforts will go to vain
as I'm too numb now to feel your pain

i wished you had realized in time
had not let us play on the line

and now as i say good bye
you try to hold on and catch my eye

but i close my eyes to catch the silence i feel
and all you are left with is the picture reel

Silence or Words

I should have changed
In time when told
Feel so deranged
Suddenly grown old

My heart is hollow
Empty of anything to feel
And people call me shallow
But that’s how I deal

No feelings just words
Emotions they are for me
Their utterances cause hurts
How can I just let it be?

Shall I let silence rule
For words are misunderstood
Shall I be a soundless fool?
Pretending all is good

That’s not how it is
That’s not how it would be
I’ll rise above this
Words not silence shall be with me

Trust You

I shed a lonesome tear
On a lonely night
I had just one fear
Of losing you out of sight

I know how it’d appear
As hypocrisy and lies
You’re the one I hold dear
For you my heart cries

It wasn’t mistrust it was just fear
Hope you can see the love in my eyes
You make my world bright and clear
Only in you my faith lies

I’d make every endeavor
Cause your trust I prize
I’ll never lack in fervor
To let you know, love you’re my life

I just want you near
And our happiness shall rise
There would be nothing to fear
Believe me when I say, in you my faith lies

Tender Feelings

It feels so right
This sudden delight
It is sunshine again
No signs of gloomy rain

Day turns to night
Yet filled with light
No sight of pain
You’re a heavenly gain

When filled with fright
Just hold me tight
Feelings, you don’t restrain
As no boundaries no chains

Feelings are feather light
Whenever you are in sight
Happiness shall reign
Its beauty simple and plain


Dreaming with open eyes,
Visions enchanted unspoken promises,
Freed from all shackles and chains,
No fear no need to restrain,

No love no comfort standing alone,
All insecurities long past gone,
Heart beating in rhythm soft and slow,
All memories blanketed in heavenly glow,

Dependent and frail that was me,
That vision in memory is far and bleak,
Independent and free is what I would be,
Urge to face the world running through me,

So much so now for trusting in you,
All I ever got was moments shaded blue,
Moving on is a part of life,
Moving ahead at the speed of light,

Blurring life spinning around me,
Spiraling hard that you don't see me,
See you now only when you need me,
I need you no more as I am running free.


Glistening dewdrops on leaves green
Lending them an enchanting sheen

Greeting morning with fresh life
Not for long do they survive

Creations of momentary pleasure
Sight full of unguarded treasure

Disappearing into the passing cloud
Fall back again with thunders loud

Quenching thirst of yearning souls
It's one of their many roles

Learn from them, why you fear
Live life till your end is near


Your love is so sweet
It’s the most pleasant retreat
From the world so vast
Where I feel I’m so lost

The look in your eyes
It’s so true with no lies
In your heart there is the warmth
This lends me the feeling of security I want

Your words spoken and unspoken
Heal my heart and soul
The forgiving nature you partake
Makes me speak out all what is there to be told

I love you more than ever
And I know you will love me forever
I wish I was there right next to you
And held your hand as your days went through

One day I wish this prayer be granted
As I dream of you, dreams enchanted
The joy and happiness is untold
And my loves keep increasing for you manifold

The most beautiful of them I saw
And my heart swelled with love for you
A dream of me and you
together under this sky so blue


When I see the smile on your face
I feel that nothing can go wrong
When life seems to lose its pace
You come to me and bring the magic along

Always smile for me
From deep within your heart
Then the distance won’t matter for me
It will no longer keep us apart

I always wanted you to know one thing
That wherever you will go
No matter what days the life bring
I’ll stay with you like your shadow

The touch of your smile
The words of your heart
I wish I'd understood this magic
Right from the start

It's All About

Its all ifs and buts
And don’t know whys
It takes nothing but time
It’s not me being shy
I’m not weak if I cry

Everything you say
Pushes me away
Every effort u make
To be close to me
You thrust me away
I blame it on destiny

The night’s gone wild
I look at the stars
Moon seems to be hiding
Eyes playing tricks on me
I see you there
Jolted to reality
Fuming wisps of smoke
Dissolving to nothingness
You are messing with my head

Beating in my head
Your words form a rhythm
My mind turns numb
Your speech is a buzz
I find melody in every curse
Swaying with the rhythm
I find solace in misery
Living life melancholy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


With a gentle heart and caring ways
Whose words are always full of praise
Concern in whose eyes is shone
With my every tear falling lone

Whose dreams are filled with aspirations
The sole reason for my inspirations
Whose words are measured and talks are wise
It's no surprise she is always nice

Every time I hurt or cry
Who'd hold me close and rock me by
For every mistake that i would make
She would teach me how the blame to take

Whose quiet and subtle soothing ways
Are like bright rays on gloomy days
And she can be none other
Than my very own loving mother