Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dreaming with open eyes,
Visions enchanted unspoken promises,
Freed from all shackles and chains,
No fear no need to restrain,

No love no comfort standing alone,
All insecurities long past gone,
Heart beating in rhythm soft and slow,
All memories blanketed in heavenly glow,

Dependent and frail that was me,
That vision in memory is far and bleak,
Independent and free is what I would be,
Urge to face the world running through me,

So much so now for trusting in you,
All I ever got was moments shaded blue,
Moving on is a part of life,
Moving ahead at the speed of light,

Blurring life spinning around me,
Spiraling hard that you don't see me,
See you now only when you need me,
I need you no more as I am running free.

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