Thursday, August 13, 2009


Your love is so sweet
It’s the most pleasant retreat
From the world so vast
Where I feel I’m so lost

The look in your eyes
It’s so true with no lies
In your heart there is the warmth
This lends me the feeling of security I want

Your words spoken and unspoken
Heal my heart and soul
The forgiving nature you partake
Makes me speak out all what is there to be told

I love you more than ever
And I know you will love me forever
I wish I was there right next to you
And held your hand as your days went through

One day I wish this prayer be granted
As I dream of you, dreams enchanted
The joy and happiness is untold
And my loves keep increasing for you manifold

The most beautiful of them I saw
And my heart swelled with love for you
A dream of me and you
together under this sky so blue

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