Thursday, February 18, 2010


Many of them won't ever appreciate
My beautiful world that you create
You would say its all too late
I would just say, leave it to fate

I found you when I had no one
When I had thought I'd never be undone
You shine on me like the bright sun
Made me forget from another I got the burn

With you I have spent moments too few
But you make it all look so fresh and new
For a longer time I wish, you I knew
I want us to be something real and true

You claim to be thorns on a rainy day
I hope you bloom soon, its all I pray
We are just humans made up of clay
together we would mould in our own way

No more anger, fear or hate
Feelings tender we would reciprocate
Again I would say its never too late
In my shadow I see you my soul-mate

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