Monday, February 1, 2010


There is a storm brewing
Oh, where is the joy
Thought you'd be understanding
But all you do is ask why

There is longing and fears
Confused emotions and pride
So many unshed tears
Wish I had a place to hide

Times have turned
I am just a shoulder to sigh
Wounds deep in my heart are burned
When all you say is a lie

My heart was in your hands
you let it fall and shatter
Washed away like footprints in sand
Memories of us, do I even matter?

You'll always have me by your side
when you want to share or are low
I'll hold this place with pride
Until you would want to let go

I drink my own tears
Keeping it all locked up inside me
I am overwhelmed with fears
Because I know you won't ever want me

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