Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Final Goodbye

When was our love born, it seems like just yesterday
But its been ages since our love saw the light of the day
In these dark hours I never thought this trust would sway
It's an everlasting night and my love you are so far away

Under the starry night sky, recollecting memories I lay
wondering where our love went, was it not meant to stay
Were the millions of miles the reasons for it to fade away
Or the time we never spent together turned it out this way

You were my sunlight but this has been a cloudy day
Even the sun stopped shining as we both looked away
Nights are cold and dark, we have to escape them someday
Should I be waiting or I find another sun to warm my day

I would leave now, but I would still miss you on a rainy day
I hope you find someone who would push the clouds away
I died the day you left me but I'd be born again some day
But I won't return so this is the final goodbye that I must say

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