Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End

Stars in the sky are twinkling blue
I wish I knew or had a clue
Why with so many around am I still so alone
Where from came this feeling so forlorn

Happiness is seeping through every pore
I no longer feel it in my core
Is it because you never loved me much
Or is it because I still miss your touch

Those buried memories in the silent grave
Away from which this path I pave
No matter which way a step I take
There are thorns lying in my wait

Will they ever turn to flowers
Or you took with you the nature's powers
Did we ever even start, to be over
Where do you hide, why do you cower

Don't worry wont ask you again to be my lover
I am just looking for answers I could never discover
Tell me oh please, where it started where did it end
So I could put this story to a final The End

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